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Come join us!

Let’s Ride!

We are a community minded group of equestrian enthusiasts. We encourage great sportsmanship and horsemanship, as well as a family friendly atmosphere where people feel encouraged to join in the fun and excitement of the equestrian world!


What We Are About

We strive to help grow equestrian sports by creating a positive environment for our youth that also values great horsemanship, dedication and responsibility.

What We Do

What equestrian events do we promote?

Peninsula Horseman's Association encourages members to be involved in equine activities in all disciplines and performance levels! 

Our members enjoy everything from Jumping (both cross country and stadium) to rodeos and all things in between! 

We host (or Co-Host) a multitude of events including local trail rides, obstacle challenges, horse shows, rodeos, and more!

Come join us soon!

Photos courtesy of Spencer Warren Photography and our members

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